BCM325- Peer Comments

I will summarize all comments that I gave to the three classmates’ DA pitch, and reflect on what I need to do next time and also improvements in my DA.

Comments on three classmates:

Screenshot from: https://ck15blog.wordpress.com/2021/01/18/digital-artefact-pitch-artificial-intelligence-in-health-care/

The first comment I gave was to Chaman’s Artificial Intelligence In Health Care. From the video pitch, Chaman clearly mentioned about her concept that she will examine the use of AI in health care in the next 5-15 years from now. Also she listed out some examples of the use of AI which is detect diseases, pictures of the resources and some challenges may face while doing her DA.

Among all diseases, I think the hidden diseases are the most dangerous. As I said in the comment, it is so difficult to find them out. The first website link is about “How AI is changing the future of healthcare“. According to the article, it listed out 4 main points of how AI can help people. As Chaman said the main works AI will do in health care are detecting disease and suggesting treatment, so I think the point of “managing epidemics” and “assisting surgeons” are a bit similar to Chaman’s points.

The second website is a link of a report about “Risks and remedies for artificial intelligence in health care“. According to Chaman’s pitch, she said about the challenges of her DA, which AI may lead to a utopia or a dystopia. And the report is about both benefits and risks may appear when using AI in health care. The main risk is what Chaman already mentioned, the scanning/ AI may go wrong, this may cause serious problems such as the patient get the wrong drug or treatment. Apart from listing the problems may cause, it also provides some possible solutions of some problems such as oversight of AI-system quality, maybe it can prevent the AI system error.

Screenshot from: https://thoughtfroth.com/2021/01/18/the-future-of-vr-gaming/

The second DA pitch I commented was Richard’s The future of VR gaming. Richard’s DA pitch is about VR gaming, which I am also very interested at because I think it will be so different from we play games by using PC or mobiles. From Richard’s pitch video, he said he wants to introduce things about VR gaming and its knowledge in the next 10 years from now to more people through blogs. I can’t see what his project target audience is, but I guess it will be all people no matter they have experience VR games or not, because he mentioned that he wants more people to know about VR gaming.

From the website I provided to Richard, “Waiting for the Future of Virtual Reality“, which is about the development process of VR and shows a lot of data such as how many VR headsets were sold out. Its analysis why VR is still not as popular as we expected although there are many people interested at VR gaming and brought the headsets.
As the article pointed out, “VR is still expensive, still cumbersome, still space-intensive, still isolating,” but VR will still develop so it will be different from now in the next 10 years.

Lastly, I commented on Kelly’s DA pitch. It is about AI (strong AI and weak AI) and how will it improve people’s life in the future. Because of some unknown problem, so I commented on her pitch on WordPress blog but not YouTube video. From her video and post, she used Blade Runner as one of her references to show how AI may appear in the future to help people.
As Kelly’s pitch had only mentioned the concept of helping people to improve their life standard, so I think she can also talk about how AI will help people and the potential risks that may arise.

From the first link I gave is “The Future of AI: Toward Truly Intelligent Artificial Intelligences” which including the difference between strong AI and weak AI, explanation of the existing models and discussion of some problems or risks of AI. According to the article, “the final goal of AI—that a machine can have a type of general intelligence similar to a human’s,” but it is difficult and needs a long time to achieve, and some problems may appear on the way of development.

The second website, “What Will Our Society Look Like When Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere?”, and the third website, “When AI Becomes a Part of Our Daily Lives”, are also about what happened if AI is everywhere. They also provide some examples of how AI help people in their daily life such as arranging plans for you when travelling.


From my classmates’ pitch, I realize that maybe I didn’t clearly indicate the direction of my DA through the pitch video. Also I should provide some screenshots of my references and explain more to show how I have those ideas. I will try to improve in the beta presentation. For the comments, I think I should write more like the content summary above, give more advice or suggestion to them but not just expressing my thoughts, and I may find more other resources (maybe 2-3 links) on the next time.

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